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DNRC features in 2023 LUSH Spring Prize final shortlist.

The LUSH Spring Prize is funded by Lush Cosmetics, a campaigning company with over 850 shops spanning 51 countries.
Lush have provided funding for regenerative projects through the SLush (sustainable Lush) Fund since 2010. The Prize is coordinated by Ethical Consumer, a non-profit multi-stakeholder co-operative in the UK.
Ethical Consumer’s research and publishing supports consumer power to generate positive impacts for the environment, people, animals and society.

Rather than reducing impacts and maintaining the earth’s damaged systems, the LUSH Spring Prize showcases work that seeks to heal and grow; taking a holistic approach to overcoming environmental, social and economic challenges.

The Prize has 6 award categories namely: Intentional Projects, Young Projects, Established projects, Influence , Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom and Permaculture magazine awards.

DNRC managed to feature in the final shortlist for the Established Projects Award courtesy of outstanding work in holistic approach to regeneration since inception. Being a highly contested award with hundreds of applicants, making it to this stage is not only a motivation but also a great indicator that the world is recognizing our efforts and this gives us the zeal to do even much more.

More details about this is available here: https://springprize.org/shortlisted/drylands-natural-resources-centre-dnrc/

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