Why study Permaculture?

You will be trained on how to design sustainable systems for human settlements.

Why train permaculture at DNRC Kenya ?

You will get a clear exposure to indigenous drought resistant tree species and acquire skills on propagation, transplanting and maintenance of such tree sapplings.

You will familiarize yourself with agroecology techniques i.e. but not limited to kitchen gardens, preparation of organic fertilizers.

You will get to experience what culture entails, for instance through descent Kamba cob housing and even kamba culture( traditional dance and music) as weell as strengthened and empowered community.

You will also learn more on some of established permaculture elements ; ( just to mention a few)

  • Vemiculture
  • Eco-toilets
  • Food forets
  • Swales
  • Green charcoal

Why train with Nicholas Syano and Theresia Mutua  et al?

Nicholas M. Syano is a certified permaculture teacher and dryland sustainable systems designer and consultant. He has been practicing and teaching permaculture since 2010 across Kenya and East Africa. He has also taught and mentored by international permaculture experts including Waren Brush, Brad Lancaster, Joseph Ntunyoi et al. Nicholas met and interacted with Bill Mollison, founder of permaculture in Jordan where he derives his inspiration from.

Nicholas is a co-founder of Permaculture Research Institute – Kenya (PRI) where he led trainings,consultancies and peramculture research program besides being the chairman of the organization. He is the Founder and Director of Drylands Natural Resources Centre which is an excellent dryland permaculture/agroecology demonstration site. Come learn with an expertise in dryland permaculture and nicholas is currently writing his PhD in dryland resource management

Theresia Mutua has a wide experience in teaching and practising permaculture along Nicholas Syano and Joseph since 2015.She is known for community permaculture due to her higher training in Intergrated community development ad daystar University.Come learn how to regenerate communities through permaculture training with Theresia.

Other guest teachers.

The course will involve invited teachers in different fields like bee keeping,IPM etc


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