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It basically entails sustainable pruning of the tree branches of charcoal production. These are the diverse indigenous seedlings that farmers have been issued by DNRC. As they grow up, they are pruned for better shape and timber. These pruning’s are taken back to DNRC for charcoal production. DNRC uses a masonry kiln which takes a circular base with conical top, whereby logs with more than 4cm diameter are exposed to direct fire for charcoal production. (See pic below). We also use drum kilns for all firewood less than 3cm diameter, where firewood is not exposed to direct fire but uses recycled gas to complete combustion. (See pic below). The diameter determines the production capacity ranging from 10 -100 bags of charcoal. this technology has also a higher conversion ratio. An average of 17% efficiency describe that the kiln can produce 0.17kg of charcoal for every 1kg of wood burnt.