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Under this project, various indegineous drought resistant tree saplings are grown. Currently there are over 27 tree species amounting to over 100000 tree saplings. Some of the species include (just to mention afew) melivolkensi(melia), mangiferandiga (mango tree), moringa oleifera (moringa), leucena leucocephale(leucaena), acacia, and terminalia brownii

Each farmer is initially provided with saplings on credit at a subsidized rate to enhance ownership. To be eligible, farmer must have completed our education program, developed an agro forestry plan with DNRC, and made necessary preparations for receiving saplings. DNRC sell surplus which provides revenues for DNRC and contributes to regional reforestation. Sustainable firewood production from member’s tree plots reduces deforestation pressure from nearby government forest. DNRC also offers training activities on dry land tree nursery management.